JAVA Awards

The Courage, Honor, and Patriotism Award. The Courage, Honor and Patriotism Award is JAVA’s highest award.  Started in 2005, this award honors a person who or organization which has (in either the public or private sector) demonstrated superior courage, honor, and patriotism (as exemplified by Nisei who served in the 100th Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat, Military Intelligence Service, and the US Army Air Corps as gunners during World War II), or performed outstanding work to benefit the nation – including Japanese Americans – over a sustained period of time.

Sandra Tanamachi - November 5, 2005

Senator Daniel K. Akaka - March 6, 2007

Dr. James McNaughton - March 6, 2007

John Nicholson, Secretary of Veterans Affairs - September 27,  2007

Ambassador Ryozo Kato - May 25, 2008

Kyoko Tsuboi Taubkin - February 6, 2009 

General Eric Shinseki, Secretary of Veterans Affairs -0 January 8, 2010

Christine Sato-Yamazaki - May 25, 2010

Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki - September 6, 2012

Robert Nakamoto - October 11, 2013

Ambassador John Malott - March 6, 2014

100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Infantry - March 23, 2014

The Honorable Ed Chow -  January 17, 2015

Congressman Adam Schiff - March 14,  2015

The Honorable Norman Mineta -  October 14, 2017

Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae - February 15, 2018

LTG Michael Nagata, US Army Retired - January 25, 2020


Terry T. Shima Leadership Award.  Started in 2012, this award recognizes exemplary meritorious conduct in service and achievements in support of JAVA's goals and missions, for veterans, and for leadership portrayed.  The award also recognizes outstanding visionary leadership.

 Terry Shima - 2012 

Grant Ichikawa - 2013

Robert Nakamoto - 2014

William E. Houston, Esq. - 2020


Bronze Replica of the Nisei Soldier Congressional Gold Medal.  The Congressional Gold Medal is the highest civilian award bestowed by the United States Congress.  It is awarded to persons or groups whose achievements have impacted American history and culture and is recognized as a major achievement in their fields.  The Nisei Soldier CGM was awarded to Japanese American World War II veterans of the 100th Infantry Battalion, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and the Military Intelligence Service.  JAVA presents an inscribed bronze replica to individuals who provide sustained support to perpetuate the legacy of the Nisei who served in the 100th, 442nd, MIS, and in internment camps.

US Senator Daniel K. Akaka - 2012

Scott Monfils, Administrator of the Taubkin estate - 2015

Roger Eaton (for development of a database of deceased Nikkei veterans, composing obituaries for the Round Robin, and identifying list of Nisei linguists who served overseas) - 2020

Seiki Oshiro (for project to identify all graduates of the MIS Language School from the first class to the Occupation of Japan) - 2020

Dr. James T. McIlwain, Professor Emeritus of Neuroscience, Brown University (for service on the JAVA Research Team, work on the credential committee for the CGM award ceremony in 2011, and creation of the “Soldiers and the Camps” database - 2020


JAVA Veterans' Advocate Award Started in 2008, this award recognizes individuals who have supported JAVA’s perpetuation of the Japanese American World War II legacy.

This award has been presented to Japanese Embassy Defense Attachés, Deputy Chiefs of Mission, or Heads of Chancery who have distinguished themselves by performing projects supporting Japanese American veterans.  It has also been awarded to others who have distinguished themselves under the same criteria.

Yudai Ueno, 1st Secretary, Certificate of Appreciation and book, Nisei Linguists - August 22, 2008

Barbara Nekoba, Marcia Mau, and Betty Taira, members of the Hospitality Committee - May 16, 2009

Minister Motohiko Kato, Head of Chancery - February 1, 2010

Minister Kenji Shinoda, Deputy Chief of Mission - July 21, 2010

Minister Hideo Suzuki, Head of Chancery - 13 September 12, 2011

US Senator Akaka on the occasion of his retirement - September 27, 2012

COL Yoshihiro Iseri, Military Attaché - June 19, 2014

Minister Hideaki Mizukoshi, Head of Chancery - July 7, 2014 

LTC Kaname Yamashita, Assistant Military Attaché - June 17, 2015 

Judy Brubaker, Retired Principal, Spark Matsunaga Elementary School, and Theresa Potterton, Retired Music Director, Spark Matsunaga Elementary School. -  January 25, 2020


JAVA Service Pin.  Presented to any awardee of a JAVA award who has served JAVA substantively over a considerable period of time.  The JAVA Service Pin be awarded separately for meeting the award criteria, as was done from 2012-2014.

Terry Shima - 2012

Chris DeRosa - 2012

Metta Tanikawa -2012

Connie Ishio - 2013

Sumi Okubo - 2014

LTG Michael Nagata, USA (Ret) - 2020

William E. Houston, Esq. - 2020

Judy Brubaker, Retired Principal, Spark Matsunaga Elementary School - 2020

Theresa Potterton, Retired Music Director, Spark Matsunaga Elementary School - 2020


JAVA Honor Roll.  The JAVA Honor Roll recognizes supporters making significant financial contributions of $5,000 or more towards JAVA's general operations.  

Glen S. Fukushima

Robert Nakamoto

Tanimura Family Foundation

Kiyoko Tsuboi Taubkin

Dr. Tom Yoshikawa


JAVA Presidents

COL Phil Ishio, USAR (Ret) - 1992 to December 1994

COL Hank Wakabayashi, USAR (Ret) - January 1, 1995 to December 31, 1996

Fred Murakami - January 1, 1997 to December 31, 1998

COL Hank Wakabayashi, USAR (Ret) - January 1, 1999 to December 31, 2000

COL Phil Ishio, USAR (Ret) - January 1, 2001 to December 31, 2002

COL Bert Mizusawa, USA - January 1, 2003 to December 31, 2004

COL Bert Mizusawa, USA - January 1, 2005 to December 31, 2006

Robert Nakamoto -  January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2008

Robert Nakamoto - January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2010

Gerald Yamada, Esq. - January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2012

Gerald Yamada, Esq -  January 1, 2012 to November 13, 2014

CPT Wade Ishimoto, USA (Ret), November 13, 2014 to March 14, 2015

COL Mike Cardarelli, USA (Ret), March 14, 2015 to May 31, 2017

LTC Al Goshi, USA (Ret) - May 31, 2017 to July 13, 2019

Gerald Yamada, Esq. - July 13, 2019 to present

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