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Vol 1 No. 1 , June 1, 2019 

Republic of Korea Consul General Invites Japanese American Korean War Veterans for Luncheon to Express Appreciation

Los Angeles, California.  Nine members of the Japanese American Korean War Veterans (JAKWV) were invited to a luncheon on March 29, 2019 at the residence of the Korean Consul General Wan-joon Kim and his wife Madam Hae jin Park in Los Angeles to thank the Korean War veterans for their service in the Korean War.

This luncheon stemmed from the JAKWV invitation of Consul General and Mrs. Park to lunch in January when Robert Wada, Founding President of JAKWV presented them with his two authored books,  “From Internment, to Korea to Solitude" and “Americans of Japanese ancestry in the Korean war” after the luncheon.

Consul General Kim has publicized to the Korean people that Japanese Americans had served and died for the freedom of the Republic of Korea.  He stated the majority of Korean people have not been aware of the extent of the involvement of the Japanese Americans in the Korean War.  The Consul General’s secretary advised Wada that Mr. Kim had written an article for the local Korean language newspaper regarding the Japanese Americans role in the Korean War and mentioned Wada’s two books.

Wada’s goal has been to build a stronger bond of friendship between the Korean people and the Japanese Americans. 

JAKWV members attending, as shown in the picture below (Back row, L-R) Wally Takata, Victor Muraoka, Sam Shimoguchi, Robert Wada, Richard Iseri, Min Tonai, (Front row L-R) George Iseri, Nori Uyematsu, Mrs. Hae Jin Park, Lois Muraoka, Kuniko Shimoguchi, C.G. Wan-joon Kim, Bacon Sakatani.

Luncheon Guests

JAVA Member Morita has High Success Rate in Obtaining French

Medal for Veterans 

Honolulu, Hawaii.  During the past 5 years, Jeff Morita, a retired US Army Sergeant First Class, and GG-13, Department of the Army Civilian (40-years total service) of Hawaii, has completed and submitted the application forms for forty 100th/442nd Veterans to receive the Légion d'honneur.  To date, the Government of France has awarded this prestigious medal to twenty-two of the forty veterans Jeff has assisted.

Morita offers his public service to assist any living veteran of the 100th Infantry Battalion and 442nd Regimental Combat Team with a nomination for France’s highest decoration the Légion d'honneur.  Established on May 19, 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte, the Légion d'honneur honors extraordinary contributions to the country. 

Strict prerequisites require a formal nomination packet clearly documenting the nominee's direct contribution to the liberation of France during World War II, e.g., participation in combat action on French soil, or territory. 

Jeff’s public service applies to not only Hawaiian veterans, but to any surviving World War II AJA veteran located on the U.S. Mainland, Alaska, overseas, and those who may have served with the same criteria in other military units as well.

The Légion d'honneur is awarded to those still living.  However, once the nomination is received by the French government and the Chevalier is approved, the decoration may be presented to the veteran’s immediate family should the veteran pass away.  Morita  (jeff_kine_57@icloud.com) welcomes any request for assistance.

L-R:  Guillaume Maman, Honorary Consul of France in Hawai’I; Yves Bonjean, Mayor of Bruyères; Jeff Morita 

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JAVA Donors 

JAVA offers a heartfelt thanks to our generous members and friends for their gifts, memorials and tributes given in support of our mission, events and scholarships. We are truly grateful.

Gordon Bernhardt, IMO Warren Tsuneishi and IHO Betty Tsuneishi

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Douglas Ioki

Don and Margaret Kawamoto, IMO Yukio Kawamoto  

Barry and Pamela Kintzer, IMO Yukio Kawamoto

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Martin Matsui, Flowers at Arlington

Wayne and Arlene Minami, IMO Yukio Kawamoto

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Scott Sakakihara, New Member/Nephew of Veteran

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New JAVA Members

JAVA sends a warm Aloha to our new Veteran and Active Duty members as well as new Friends of JAVA.


RDML(Dr) Michael Baker, USN, Ret

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LT Granta Nakayama, USN (Honorably Discharged)

Ben Ogawa, USN (War Veteran)                  

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Staff Sgt Miko Skerrett, Air and Army National Guard (War Veteran)

John Stover, USA, Alaska (War Veteran) 

LCDR Taiga Takahashi, USN

Sgt (E5) John Tanaka, USMC (Honorably Discharged)

Tosh Tanaka, Army National Guard (War Veteran)

CPT Samuel Waterman, SOJTF-OIR

E-6, EMNI (SS) Garon Yamashita, USN  


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